Rivers and Watersheds
          By: E.Gutierrez

The Grand Canyon is an example of rivers,because it has a river flowing in it.

Parts of a river

Watershed~water from high altitude going to low altitude int a large body of water

Source~Rain/snow adding water to a river

Mouth/Delta~An area formed by sediments at the end of a river

Great Basin~A water that does not flow into an ocean

Divide~Separating large rivers

Headwaters~Upper reaches of a stream

Down river~Between headwaters and floodplains

Tributary~A steam that flows into a main stream

ox bow lake forming

A slightly bent river is formed by water digging into the soil, making its own path. Eroding happens in the water, and the bent becomes more bent. The meander is more curved, and the river splits apart and takes another path. A "C" shaped water way is formed and called an Ox bow lake.

Movement of rivers

Some rivers move slow and calmly, while others move rapidly. It all depends on the water current. Small waves have a flow to it, so it moves the rivers direction. You can tell which way the river is going by waves or currents.


The ending of a river is at the delta. Therefore all of these facts about rivers will help you understand more about rivers and lakes

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