Day 1

My name is Thomas Miller, I am 25 years old with the Union. I have a family of four.  I'm From Chicago IL.

Day 2:

VIja: We have been getting some fresh fish

Jason: Most of us are played out.

Vija: Many of us have died, even though the sawbones tried to help.

Jason: That’s because we are running low on hornets.

Vija: And the top rails aren’t doing anything about it.

Jason: That’s because our generals are a bunch of goobers.

Vija: I wonder when the Confederates are going to surrender, their bread baskets must empty.

Jason: It’s about time we should grab a root.

Vija: Ok, lets skedaddle.

Jason: Don’t forget the bark juice.

Day 3

Dear Mother, Life here at camp is harsh. I've seen  so much carnage and seen so much death. The war is sickening, The punishments are cruel and there's little to no food.

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