Know Your Skateboard and Its Components

Skateboardingis one of the most popular extreme sports. It is very popular in Australia, the Northern America, Canada, and across Europe. Many professional skateboarders have years of practice in skateboarding and have experience of riding various types of skateboards. Skateboarding involves lot of risks & that is why this sport requires quality of skateboard and its components.

Though, skills and experience are not the only important factors in professional skateboarding, rather the most important factor is the type and quality of the skateboard. The skateboard is mostly made of Canadian rock maple that gives it the strength it meeds for today’s tricks, but the most important thing in skateboards is the bearings. The bearings are fitted inside the wheels and attached to the trucks. Good quality bearings provide a higher amount of flexibility to the skateboarders.

Every skateboard wheel is actually installed on the axle by using a couple of bearings. Usually there are two types of bearings available;removeableshields and sealed shields. The skateboard bearings are generally made up of titanium alloy, carbon chromium steel, silicon nitride, the high-tech ceramic. A lot of skateboard bearings are usually rated according to the ABEC size.

The maintenance of the skateboard bearing is very important as without maintenance the bearing balls could get jammed. The ball bearing oil is one of easiest ways to keep the skateboard bearing in working condition for long, but it should be always kept in mind to keep the optimum level of oils. Without the proper lubrication, these will not function properly and will cause the imbalance to the skateboarder.

Apart from the bearings, the skateboard grip tape is also a very important component. The skateboard grip tape provides an extensive grip to the skateboarder and allow them to perform high risk stunts without losing balance and falling apart from the skateboard. Some of the other components that are very important for a good skateboard are truck cushions, riser pads and mounting hardware.

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