Why is obesity a big issue in the American society?

Okay. There is like a tone of things to discuss about America with regards to theirs issues that they currently facing right now at this time. But…there is one issue that was mainly discussed during the documentary. And of course you probably have guess it…it is obesity. Obesity is a very serious issue in America. I am not even joking right now. Almost nearly two-thirds of the population are either overweight. Do you want to know why most people in America suffer from Obesity? Well…there are a couple of reasons how this can occur:

#1 Genetics

If you are obese, people would tend to call you fat or also overweight. Now, if you haven’t realised until now, most people can be born obese or fat. How does this occur? Through Genetics. You see, when an infant is in their mother’s womb, they develop through the nutrients that their mother is taking into their bodies. So whatever the mother eats, the infant will get nutrients from the foods and vitamins that the mother eats. And also through development of the infant, the genes from the mother slowly transfers slowly to the infant. Let’s say for example, if the mother is not getting enough exercises, there is a chance that the baby will be born fat, because if the mother doesn’t burn the fat it consumes, that baby will be born fat or overweight. As the baby is born and develop even more, that baby will adapt the bad genes that they have got from their parents. If your parents are unfit, you might become unfit. Some people use this reason why they are fat. But sometimes, it can be false. But there has been recent arguments that most doctors can prove that you are fat, simply because you eat too much. Not through bad genes, is simply because you eat too much.


The link above will lead you to the web link which has a video discussing about genetics

#2 pricing of the food

What is this the reason why people in America are obese, well…think about it? Comparing the price of healthy foods vs fast food. Healthy foods e.g. vegetables, fruits etc. are very expensive these days. This can be the cause of the cost per pound per vegetable or fruit. Now don’t get me wrong, vegetables are very pricy. But comparing that to the price of fast and unhealthy foods, they are pretty much on the same level of the pricing. But the thing with fast food chains, the only way they can customers to come to them is to lower their price from the actual, the effect of this is that they will get more customers, plus more money. Vegetable and fruit companies cannot really lower their price otherwise they will become bankrupt. But with fast-food companies, no matter how much they lower their prices, they will still get more and more customers. It’s hard to believe, but the actual cost of a McDonalds Big Mac costs $12.00. That’s because of the things they put on the burger cost a lot of money. But the only way the consumers will buy their product is to reduce it.

Take this also an example. Can you believe it? $1.49 for 10 pieces of chicken nuggets. Now assure you that they lowered the price so that they can get more customers plus more money. It’s a smart strategy. But still…it’s putting consumers to risk…to obesity.

To conclude this Blog, I hope you have learnt a bit of why America is overweight. But what about you? Is there other reasons why people in America are obese and overweight?

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