Paul Nawrocki vs 1930's

The two men in the picture above are tremendously similar, yet they are totally different. They are both wearing suits with sandwich signs around their neck that clearly display their resume. The years the pictures were taken are different though. The picture of Paul Nawrocki(the colored picture) was taken in 2008, while the black and white image was taken about 80 years before that. These images do a nice job displaying life shortly after the stock market crash because they show how desperate people were to find employment. People were deep in debt. They needed a job to be able to pay off their poor investments in stocks and installment plans made prior to Black Tuesday, the day prices took the steepest dive yet. Most of these job hunters were so poor that they had to move into small shacks in newly formed communities called shantytowns. Although the men were living in different time periods, their financial situations were extremely alike.

By: Bonnie Chiu


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