Lou Gehrig

Lou Gehrig was born on June,1903 he died in 1941. He played basball for the yankees and 1st baseman he played seventeen season's.1939 he was elected in the basball hall of fame and he was the first Mlb player to have his number retired.

Lou was reknown for his proness as a hitter and durability , a trait which earned him his nickname "the iron horse".He was an all star seven consecutive times,a triple crown winner once,an al most valuble player twice.

Lou gehrig was diagnosed with als in 1939 the disease forced him to retire from baseball,two years later it caused his death,before lou gehrig left the stadium forever he made a speech called"the luckiest man on earth".


Early life

lou gehrig was born in Manhattan,New york weighing almost 14 pounds at birth he was the first child out of four german immagrants. His father was a sheet madal worker, who was recently employed from achoholism ,and his mother christina was a maid,the main breadwinner of the whole family,his two sisters died from whooping caugh and measles in a early age,his brother also died in infancy,young gehrig helped his mother with chores such as loundryand picking up supplies from a lacal store.

After Death

On June six,1941 10:10pm ,sixteen years till the day he replaced wolly pip as the first baseman and lessthan two years after his ritirement from baseball lou gehrig died at his home.

upon hearing the news ,Babe ruth and his wife Claire went to his house to console eleanor.Mayor lagourdia ordered flags to be flown into newyork,

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