Terra Harmony

By Sydney Lopez & Daniella Castor

" Liberty and Union

Now and Forever,

One and Inseparable."

-Light Blue represents the power of the Sea

-White represents Purity and Freedom from human nature

- Navy Blue is the power of will and unity

- Black is Mortal Sin all have their secrets and all shall be ashamed by what they have done.

The Constitution of Terra Harmony

Terra Harmony


The name of this country will be Terra Harmony .


The purpose of this country is to provide Liberty and Unity. The reasons for our existence is to provide a sense of Unity that no one is above the equal settlement of corresponding life Sirrena has provided. We exist for the harmony of the world, Our existence of the greater good of surpassing human nature and mortal sin. A sense of technological advanced education for all.


To become a citizen of Terra Harmony you must posses a quality of peace, happiness, and positivity for the greater good that is brought upon us by our Mistress and God. You must believe and have no doubt in everything that is created for us. Every citizen will have an expectation to follow our laws, they were put into place for us , that one day we may be as glorified and as great as Sirrena that was summoned by God to save this world. Citizens will be required to support everything decided by our Mistress.


Our Mistress is everything she is the reason for our salvation of ignorance for us to not be corrupted in this world of unruled cruelty and shallowness. Our Mistress Sirrena Harmony is the one that will make our rules and will chose the way of life for all of us, we will never be sad we will never be unhappy. For she knows each and every one of us and will chose the life that is best for us. All shall follow any rules because Sirrena put them in place to protect us and so that one day we may become like her, anyone who choose not to follow the life chosen for them they will be brought to the attention of Sirrena. She cares deeply for us and wants only our happiness so she will do what is best for you.


As our Mistress she will chose our life entirely. She will chose your family, your friends, your job so that way we may all live a life of the most happiness possible in unamity  with each other and as a unity of people. Sirrena promises to give you a life in harmony with not only ourselves but so that we may live a life together with the earth. For this is not our earth it is an earth that was given to us to inhabit and protect. As people of Terra Harmony will we live together in peace, love one another equally, and care for the precious Earth given to us for that one day we may go and meet our Creator that is alongside Sirrena. The responsibilities as citizens is to follow the path given to you and not stray that path never doubt have faith and rely on Happiness and Sirrena for they are everything you need to continue this life.


  1. You must follow Sirrena Harmony rules for they will lead us to greatness.
  2. You must not eat exported goods for what is provided by Sirrena is sufficient.
  3. You may not have any relationship with Schwarzen Adle they do not believe in the wonders Sirrena has brought to us.
  4. Must take your medicine every morning to be healthier we must be at our peak performance so that we may be of use to Sirrena.
  5. No racism to any race, gender, age or sexuality everyone is considered equal therefore we must treat each other as one.
  6. You must go to church every Sunday and see the wonders and glory that not only Sirrena has given us but the way of God to of which he has portrayed in her.
  7. If you cause harm to any other citizen you will be brought to the attention of Sirrena.
  8. You must not think or say any negative thoughts or comments, We live in a place of peace and happiness no one shall have these thoughts if you do please do not hesitate to tell one of the ones the authorities and you will be brought to the attention of Sirrena do not be afraid.
  9. As citizens of Terra Harmony we must be education for the greatness of our Mistress.


All the citizens of Terra will receive an education we must be knowledgeable so that we may have maximum potential for greatness. How do we expect to have maximum greatness in our capabilities as humans of the world if we do not have maximum abilities of our minds. If you were to break these laws you are to be brought to Sirrena she is sure to help you see the truth in that education is the best thing for the world of Terra.


Light Blue represents the power of the Sea, White represents Purity and Freedom from human nature, Navy Blue is the power of will and unity, And Black is Mortal Sin all have their secrets and all shall be ashamed by what they have done, But because of Sirrena we will be saved from the fiery depths of Hell and burning in agony to one day be with our Father and have the glory and greatness of Sirrena.


The Leader of Terra Harmony is Sirrena Harmony.

Sirrena Harmony

Our Mistress of harmony saved us from human nature and mortal sin

Characteristics and Abilities: Sirrena Harmony is our gracious leader. She gives us liberty and maintains us unified.  She is sympathetic towards the citizens of her country and destroy her opponents. She has the ability to take away your sins and disperse them into the ocean.

The Story of Our Savior:

Sirrena was originally born in Athens, Greece to a family of
simple folk.She lived the simple life as a daughter of a fisherman
and an herbalist mother. Since Sirrena ‘s parents did not have much money
Sirrena was never able to go to school. Where they lived at the time prevented
them from everything and anything she did One day when she was 8 her parents
grew extremely ill, Sirrena had no other family alive that she knew of. After
trying to heal her parents and rid them of this mysterious deadly illness with
every single healing herb her mother had ever taught her it was not enough. 10
Days after her parents became ill they passed, Sirrena had never felt anything
as painful as the feeling of loss. For years following her parents’ death she
continued their work, and still felt like she was empty in a way she could not explain.
The day Sirrena turned 18 she had woken up early hoping that the extra time and
clear weather would allow her to finish her work sooner as Sirrena set off on
her father’s fishing boat she noticed the current had gotten stronger to the
point that she could not navigate the boat back to shore it pulled her more and
more out to sea till she could no longer see the shore. Sirrena was alone and
sick in the middle of nowhere cloud had started to form thunder raged lightning
cracked the wind shook her right to the bone she was helpless. The crashing
waves moved in synchronized anger with in the pandemonium there was a man
walking across the water in such calm Sirrena felt and urge to trust him and
follow him as he reached her he spoke “Do not be afraid child of mine I have
sent you to this earth for you will do great things in this world maybe even be
greater than I. I have created this world for you and your people to live and
be happy but people have only destroyed this earth and each other. People of
your kind have harmed, token advantage and completely ignored the magnificent things
I have created for you to inhabit. I cause miracles everyday yet people still
doubt in me and my existence Sirrena, Do you doubt?” Sirrena said in reply “You
say you are the one who gives and takes away you took away my parent the only
family I have and you expect me to go to you with arms wide open and say ‘Yes, I
believe,’ I’m sorry whoever you are that is not going to happen.” The Man said
in reply “You doubt daughter and you resent this world has already corrupted
you, daughter I took them for they were only hurting in this world while I left
you for you are a child of mine and I need you to spread my word and show my
workings of love and peace through you and show other to forget their
shallowness, their doubt, hatred, sadness and show them faith. I will give you strength
for the harder days I will give you happiness for the sadder days, and I will
give you peace in a storm that is raging havoc go my child in my name you will
never hurt live a life as though I would.” Since that day Sirrena has set out
and moved to the city of Jerusalem where she has built Terra Harmony to live a
life as though God would and as though Sirrena would. Through Sirrena’s struggles
she found that her sin of resentment kept her away from the truth of her

NAtional Anthem

Oh Terra Harmony

This is Our Home

Where we have peace

We are Ruled By Sirrena

She saves us from our sins

she makes them disappear

with the waves

Terra Is a place

of peacefulness

No war No violence

United are we all

Terra Harmony 

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The Sanctuary of Harmony

This place keeps you safe, we teach you the right way that we are supposed to live in this life that is not ours. In this Sanctuary of Harmony we enlighten you and make you knowledgeable of the truth and rid you of the lies this world corrupted you with. Terra Harmony is a place of peace and happiness it is not something to be reckoned with, all is right in this land Sirrena Created for us in the name of God. We as Citizens of Terra will live each day for the glory and greatness of this land for it is not to be believed in the shallowness of this temporary home. This place is not a place you should be terrified because it is a place in wich you learn how to be a good citizen of Terra Harmony and will be forgiven and would be trusted that you will follow Sirrena Harmony rules. In this place you will gain respect back and your reputation will be clean. If your offense was  bigger against Sirrena Harmony  rules you will have to be hold in The Sanctuary of Harmony longer. The Sanctuary of Harmony is not a punishment it is place where they help you to correct  your path so you can have peace in your life as well as a clean conscience.  Sirrena Harmony is good leader that forgives you any rule that you dint follow. This place has many stages like to do community services, help in any activities that Sirrena Harmony organizes for us, and many other tasks you are corresponded to do. Your family will be able to visit you and your friends but in order to visit , you will have to have a permission. They can only visit you once  a month and they need to be adults no minors can visit you.

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