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Henrico Project

Henrico County

  • Henrico County is approximately 245 square miles in size
  • Henrico counties population consists of 314,932 (2012)
  • Henrico County is made of both rural and suburban places. Places in Henrico like Varina, are more rural. Place in Henrico like Shortpump or Tuckahoe, are more suburban.
  • Henrico county has a very nice educational system. We have advanced classes for elementary schools, IB programs for middle schools, and specialty centers for high schools. Henrico county has some of the best school systems and educational programs in Virginia.
  • In henrico the lifestyle is very unique. Being that henrico is mostly suburban, most families will go to the park on a beautiful day or a walk around the neighborhood. Kids go outside and play with other kids in their neighborhood. Teens go to the mall or skateparks.
Single county executive - John A. Vihoulkas
Local Judicial Orginization - L.A. Harris Jr.
Legislative board council - Barry


Police Department -

  • The first known mention of an “officer” in Henrico was the appointment of a Special Police Officer on December 14, 1871
  • Henrico county officers work hard to keep our streets safe.

Fire Department

  • The Henrico Fire Department responds annually to about 39,000 calls for service
  • The Henrico county fire department save many lives every year

Health Department

  • The Henrico county health department has many hospitals all over the county
  • One of the hospitals is the Henrico doctors hospital (located in the picture)
Police Department
Fire department
Health Department


Henrico County has a variety of different services. Some of the most important services include health services, fire community services, and community maintenance.

Health - Emphasizing health promotion and environmental protection for the citizens of Henrico County

Fire community - Headed by the County of Henrico Division of Fire. They offer fire safety awareness programs

Community maintenance - Promote a healthier and safer environment for everyone and volunteers assistance to citizens that need it


  • Henrico County is 380 years old
  • Henrico county’s name was chosen in honor of the son of King James 1
  • Some tourist attractions in Virginia are Meadow farm museum and the Children's museum.

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