Little Village
Brianna Watson

What is Little Village

Little Village is a part of the Lawndale community. This piece of town was originally settled by mostly Irish and European immigrants in the 1800s. In the mid-1900s Little Village's Polish settlement increased because of the horrible war going on in Europe at that time.Then around 1950 Mexicans started swarming through Little Village like bees, and most of them were coming from Pilson,IL. The reason they were coming from Pilson is because during that time the University of Illinois in Chicago (or the UIC ) campus was being built, and that took up a lot of space.


The culture of the Latinos is what makes Little Village, Little Village today. Little Village's people celebrates holidays that the rest of Chicago might not know about. For example: Every year on Mexican Independence day the people have a huge celebration with dancers and even big, festive floats.Each year thousands of people attend this big celebrations and few of them aren't even Mexican. One more thing that keeps the Mexican culture alive is the precious art. Mexicans are very serious about their religion, so they create paintings, sculptures, ect. to represent what they believe in like Mary, Baby Jesus, and God. These pieces are displayed in the National Museum of Mexican Art. Dancing and singing are also a huge part in the Hispanic culture. Some times the Hispanic dancers dace in the big celebrations, parties, and much more.



Little Village has some very interesting demographics.In this part of town there are approximately 15,000 people. About 60% of them are men, and the other 40% are women. The average person in this village is about 28 years old. Most of the people speak English just fine, but 33% of the people don't speak it well or don't speak it at all. Less than half of the population in Little Village were born in Illinois.


The food is another thing that keeps the Hispanic culture alive. They haves many Mexican resturaunts, like Lalo's, La Casa de Samuel, Taquera, and Mi Tierra. These resturaunts  include fine mexican cuisine . They also have resturaunts that may be familiare to us all, like Maxwel Street, McDanalds, and Home Run Inn.