By:Tim Saltzman

Dependability can be defined as having ones back and being there for them no matter the situation. Dependability is a very valuable trait to have as a good leader.

Tom Brady shows tremendous leadership through his dependability. No matter the game, Brady puts it all on the line for his team. The Patriots always depend on him to lead them down the field and come up with big plays in order for them to win games. No matter how big the stage is, Brady can always be trusted to lead his team, like in the recent Super Bowl when they beat the Seattle Seahawks and he was named MVP of the came. Whenever the Patriots are in need of a heroic act, Tom Brady is always there to carry it out.

Cops are a great example of a leader with dependability. It is the cops job to protect the people from crime in the area and ensure security. People depend on cops to patrol they're town or city and eliminate threats of evil against them.

Barack Obama shows dependability as a leader. We the people of America depend on Obama to protect us and lead us properly in order for our country to prosper. We depend on him to do what is right and ensure our security and a proper lifestyle.

A soldier is a fantastic example of someone who displays dependability. Each soldier is dependent on each other to properly carry out the task at hand. The soldiers also ensure our safety from foreign threats and protect us. We are dependent of to do their job, so we can sleep peacefully at night and live in the great country we do.

A parent is an extremely good example of a leader who shows dependability. Parents are their child's first teacher. Children are dependent of their parents to teach them many life lessons. They also depend on their parents to love them, nurture them, protect them, and give them the foundation for their life. Parents play a huge role in their child's life, and it is extremely important that they carry out their parenting duties, ensuring the kid a good life.

Malcolm Butler's interception is a great example of dependability. When the game was close to over The Patriots needed someone to step up and make a play. Malcolm Butler was that guy. When the game seemed surely over, he came up huge for his teammates and Patriots fan everywhere, saving their chances of winning and ensuring them a Super Bowl title.

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