Mormonism was created during a religious period in American history known as the second great awakening. Smith claimed to have found a second gospel of Jesus Christ written on golden tabs chronicling the visitation of Christ to early indigenous peoples of the Americas. Smith later wrote that he had see a vision of God the father and Jesus Christ and upon asking which doe nomination he should join was answered none of them they're all wrong. Mormonism differs from orthodox Christianity in its belief that Jesus Christ and God the father are two separate beings. To avoid confrontation with residents of New York moved to Kirkland Ohio, then to Missouri, Illinois and finally to Utah. Smith was killed by a mob in Illinois and was than succeeded by Brigham young after whom BYU is named.

Dear Brethren:

You will perhaps remember that during the hearing on "Problems of the Book of Mormon" reported to your Council January, 1922, I stated in my remarks that there were other problems which I thought should be considered in addition to those submitted in my report. Brother Richard R. Lyman asked if they would help solve the problems already presented, or if they would increase our difficulties. My answer was that they would very greatly increase our difficulties, on which he replied, "Then I do not know why we should consider them." My answer was, however, that it was my intention to go on with the consideration to the last analysis. Accordingly, since the matter was already so far under my hand, I continued my studies, and submit herewith the record of them. I do not say my conclusions, for they are undrawn.

In writing out this my report to you of those studies, I have written it from the viewpoint of an open mind, investigating the facts of the Book of Mormon origin and authorship. Let me say once for all, so as to avoid what might otherwise call for repeated explanation, that what is herein set forth does not represent any conclusions of mine. This report herewith submitted is what it purports to be, namely a "study of Book of Mormon origins," for the information of those who ought to know everything about it pro et con, as well as that which has been produced against it, and that which may be produced against it. I am taking the position that our faith is not only unshaken but unshakable in the Book of Mormon, and therefore we can look without fear upon all that can be said against it.

While searching for the answers to the questions of Mr. Couch, submitted through Mr. William E. Riter, I came in contact with the material here used, and concluded that while the subject was fresh in my mind to make it of record for those who should be its students and know on what ground the Book of Mormon may be questioned, as well as that which supports its authenticity and its truth.

If it is impossible for the General Authorities to consider this whole matter together, then, I submit that it might be referred to the committee you appointed to consider with me the answers to be given Mr. Couch, namely, Elders Ivins, Talmadge [sic], and Widtsoe, with a request that they report on the same. I am very sure that you will find the material herewith submitted of intense interest, and it may be of very great importance since it represents what may be used by some opponent in criticism of the Book of Mormon.

It is not necessary for me to suggest that maintenance of the truth of the Book of Mormon is absolutely essential to the integrity of the whole Mormon movement, for it is inconceivable that the Book of Mormon should be untrue in its origin or character and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints be a true Church.

Today Mormons prefer to be referred to as members if the church of ladder day saints or LDS. Mormons are historically significant as they are responsible for the settling of Utah and the starting of BYU. As previously mention BYU was started by Brigham Young on of the most significant figures in Mormonism and the se censor to Joseph Smith. The Mormons finally settled in Utah because in there moving through more eastern areas they found conflict from other groups resulting in the death of Joseph smith. The creation of the Mormon religion is similar to the Protestant reformation in the way it tried to restore the original church of Christ and the violent conflict both movements encountered.

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