Opinion writing

      A lot of people have to carry heavy stuff in Grant School. Also some people have trouble walking and people have trouble going upstairs. That’s why Grant School needs elevators.

      Grant School needs elevators because if people can’t walk and they try to go upstairs they can fall or get hurt. How would you feel if you couldn’t walk? If people get hurt they can blame it on teachers. If people blame it on teachers they can get fired! For example, Mr. Geoff is a supervisor and he has a broken leg and he has a hard time going upstairs.

      My last reason is if teachers or other people have heavy stuff they can use an elevator instead of going upstairs with heavy stuff. If people have heavy stuff to carry they can hurt their back. If teacher’s back gets hurt, they won’t be able to teach.

      Now some of you are concerned about where we are going to put the elevators. We can put them in the hallway. If Grant School doesn’t have enough money, we can tell all students to bring some money. If the students try to cram into the elevators we can make a line.

      Grant School needs elevators. I think it’s really important that our school gets elevators for people to can’t walk or are carrying heavy things. If you agree, please help our school get elevators by donating money.

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