Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

Telephone - 1876

One of the first telephones created by Alexander Bell.
Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of the telephone)

Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone came from the early invention, the telegraph. "Come here, Watson, I want you." Was the first sentenced used to communicate via the telephone. The telephone, although now it is more modernized, is still used today; more frequently than in 1876. This advanced technology amazingly.

Electricity in a light bulb.
Thomas Edison standing by his invention (electricity.)

Electricity - 1877 through 1879

Thomas Edison's first invention wasn't the lightbulb, it was a phonograph. It took almost two years later to perfect the lightbulb. He continued inventing things like batteries, a dictaphone, and motion picture. Edison had competition when Westinghouse provided a different source of electricity, so Edison did everything in his power to convince people that Westinghouse's electricity method was very dangerous.

Ice Machine - Early 1870's

Ice machine that will eventually lead to refrigeration.
Thaddeus Lowe (inventor of the ice machine)

This invention (the ice machine) later allows the invention of a refrigerator but a sooner and similar product that allowed people to ship refrigerated food using railroad cars. The ice machine are steps toward the refrigerator.

Refrigerated rail car- 1877

first refrigerated rail car.
Gustavus Swift

The first refrigerated load of fresh meat was delivered in 1877. This invention kept food fresher for longer and also reduced risk of food poisoning. Swift didn't actually invent this product, he hired someone else to do it.

Typewriter - 1873

The typewriter was made by Christopher Sholes and sold to Remington and Sons
This is Christopher Sholes.

Christopher Sholes invented the typewriter but sold it to Remington and Sons. Thus most credit goes to Remington because they put their name on typewriters that were sold instead of Sholes getting his last name on there. The typewriter was an important invention because it helped get the word out faster, and it was a lot easier to read. More efficient than writing things yourself, and it was easier.

First Handheld camera - 1888

Kodak; first handheld camera
George Eastman

The first handheld camera helped take faster pictures; instead of setting up the camera and having to wait for it to be ready is time consuming but this is in your hand, ready when you need it. The camera was easy to use as well, all you did was take the photos and send the camera back to the company, then they would print and press your photos, and send them back to you with your camera loaded with more film. Anybody could be a photographer back then (even amateurs.)

Gasoline powered automobile - 1893

First gas powered automobile.
Charles and Frank Duryea riding on their invention.

The first gas powered automobile helped traveling and made it easier on animals that use to pull people. At the time, gas (even now) polluted the air pretty badly but it also made transportation, business, and other things better. Charles and Frank were the first Americans to successfully make a gas powered car.

Automatic Dishwasher - 1886

Josephine Cochrane
first dishwasher

Josephine Cochrane invented the first automatic dishwasher; its basic simple design is still used to day with just more modernized options. This made the chores easier on the ladies because they weren't doing everything by hand.

The wright flyer - 1903

first plane to take flight successfully
The wright brothers

For years the idea of a plane that could fly was going around but people soon doubted it would ever happen because of the numerous fails. In 8 days, the Wright brothers designed a plane that actually got to fly; making this plane gave ideas to make bigger and better ones. planes are still used to day and they short

Automatic loom- mid 1800's

first automatic loom

This invention allowed the process of turning fiber into cloth easier. Also enhanced production rate and made it faster. Bobbins usually had to be changed by hand but now it could be done automatically.

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