Manawatu Gorge walk


In out class at the moment our inquiry topic is sustainability ,so we have been learning about the different types of energy and the environment and a lot more things that fit into that topic. Our teacher Mr Stove thought it would be a cool idea if we went on the manawatu gorge trip because the environment around the walk fits right into the topic because there was a big slip, you can go and see the wind turbines (which is one of the sources of energy we are learning about) and it is surrounded by bush land so that is what  we did .Here is my presentation about it.

The slip

The manawatu gorge slip happened in 2011 and closed the road for over one year so it took people 20 minutes more to get into Palmerston North this also stuffed things up for things going to different places like Hawks Bay.To clear the slip the used laser to map the hill side then lowered diggers down with rope the took enough dirt from the slip to fill and over flow the wellington stadium (the cake tin)


On our trip down to the manawatu gorge we drove in cars driven by parent helpers .We had to drive 140 km and it took roughly 1 hour and 42 minutes to get there and back. We had to go through 3 towns before we got to the gorge those towns were Waipawa,Waipukurau and dannevirke before we got to the gorge.


The walk through the gorge was 10 km long and took roughly 4 hours for us to walk through it  and it was an amazing walk.During the walk we got to walk right over the top of where the slip happened and also go to a look out where we could see the whole thing we also got to go to another lookout where we could see the wind turbines really close up I thought that was pretty cool.It was a really cool walk and the bust land surrounding it was amazing .It was a pretty easy walk to do and it was very fun and I would love to do it again.

Wind Turbins

about half way through the walk we went to a lookout where you could get up really close to the wind turbines .I thought that they were really tall and I thought that they were cool how they could make electricity just by the wind spinning them around .

Nikau palm

as we were walking the beautiful track of the gorge we walked passed the nikau palm which have just finally started growing back in the manawatu gorge they were really cool and pretty


the whole walk altogether took us around 4 hours and we all had a lot of fun but were also a bit tired .once we got to the end of the walk we hopped in the cars soon after we were all there at the end and drove away we were all very proud of ourselves and to top off a great day we went to McDonald's on the way back and got chips and  a Mcflurry  


I had a lot of fun during the walk and thought it was a really pretty walk and  I would love to do it again.I learnt a lot about power and energy and I would like to keep learning about it.I loved this walk and can't wait to go back and do it again .my favorite part was the wind turbines and seeing where the slip happend

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed

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Jaime, really good but you spelt Turbines wrong

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