"Music Resonates Across Cultures"

HealthDay News


In recent psychology news, researchers have found that certain characteristics of music are experienced the same way through diverse cultures. 40 Mbenzele Pygmies in the Congolese rainforest and 40 amateur to professional musicians in Montreal were asked to listen to the same 19 pieces of music from Western and Mbenzele songs. Both groups of people had similar responses as to how exciting or calm the music made them.

"People have been trying to figure out for quite a while whether the way that we react to music is based on the culture that we come from or on some universal features of the music itself," Stephen McAdams, of McGill's School of Music, said in the news release.

"Now we know that it is actually a bit of both," he said.


This is fantastic news! Now we know that music really is a universal way to communicate with people, regardless of what language they speak. This may open a few doors for more in-depth forms of communication, and it call also get rid of certain language barriers. Relaying emotions through music can become an efficient, reliable way to contact someone. 

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