By Jeff Probst

My book is called stranded. Stranded is about these four kids named Joe, Jane, Vannessa, and Carter, they land on Hawaii with nothing but them selves and a beat-up ship. The ship is beat-up because is was battled by a great big storm that had 44 inches of waves of the pacific ocean water, they all survived. The phone that they were using broke as soon as Jane got the phone to speak to here dad.The day after they landed on Hawaii, everyone was there except Joe. Carter said he went to the trees to used the bathroom but he wasn't there when buss went looking for him. Joe had disappeared, no where to be found. Jane started crying thinking that he was dead, but the truth was that buss was lying the whole time. Joe popped out the funky bushes and scared the living life out of them. When everyone stopped crying and laughing, Joe had some good news. While he was walking with buss back to everyone his dad called him from his cellphone. His dad said that he's sending the U.S Navy to the to be rescue you guys. Everyone was so happy to finally be rescued. When they got to there father, he got them so mad, they punched him everywhere. He told them that it was a prank and that it was planned the whole time!

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