The Muslims perspective of the Crusades

World history, Mr. Burruel

The muslims perspective of the crusades were very different from the europeans, byzantine, and jewish.

Why was it important for your group to control the city of Jerusalem?

It had his own place in the heart of a muslim and it had strong evocative and emotional associations. It is also considered the third holiest city in Islam.

Think of the political, religious, social, philosophical reasons (could be more than one reason)

Lets say religion because thats the always biggest impact. However, Jerusalem is not a place where they pray.And it was once "never mentioned name in the prayers. It was not connected to no mudane events in Muhammad's life. The muslims didn't care to much because they didn't have stuff from their religion so they didn't have to much interest to the Jerusalem.

"Allah is my god Islam is my religion Muhammad is my prophet Qurran is my book Alham do lillah." (NO AUTHOR SAID)

" Happy is the man who avoids hardship, but how fine is the man who is afflicted and shows endurance." - Prophet  Muhammad

What did it do to your group? What were the effects?

It said that they screamed out " we sacrifice our souls and blood for you Jerusalem" This shows that the effect that they weren't happy about them and that they had killed many muslims cause of their fault. But the others also had said something about also sacrifice themselves for Al-Aqsa. So I bet they weren't that happy.

How did they view other groups? Equals? Superior to them? Inferior to them?

I think they were superior and equal to them because they had a higher civilization than them but also contact with other scholars in the west made the west and better.


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