Ignore It!

At CAE, we can ignore people who are trying to bother us!

Step 1: Stop and think.

Step 2: Am I going to make a good choice or a bad choice? A GOOD CHOICE!

Step 3: What are my choices or steps?

1. LOOK away, TURN away, or WALK away from the person or distraction.

2. CLOSE your ears and don't listen.

3. Be SILENT, do not say anything.

Peter did a great job ignoring the person that was trying to distract him! You can do it too! Practice with a friend.

Lesson 2: Ignoring the Right Way

When To Ignore

Discuss scenarios where you would it is okay to ignore behaviors or disruptions. Example: Another student tries to get your attention while you supposed to be working silently or ignoring students talking without permission, you don't need to reply to them.

Why We Ignore

You may have to ignore to allow you to remained focused on the task you are working on. Ignoring behaviors that you know are inappropriate can also keep you out of trouble. If ignoring doesn't work you may need to chose two other options from the Kelso Choice Wheel. 

How To Ignore Appropriately

1. Be respectful. It is not necessary to tell the person that you are ignoring them.

Role Play: Practice this with a partner.