Come visit Uranus today!

Wait for the awesomeness

The awesomeness has arrived!

Uranus has really bizarre weather. Also Uranus is the 7th planet from the sun. Your going to need a space shuttle and lots of coats. This planet’s color is a deep blue-green. Uranus is thick with hydrogen, helium, and methane. Uranus is made up of gas. Since this planet is made up of gas your going to need a long bungee cord attached to the space shuttle so you don’t fall through. The wind blows east to west and it speeds up to 360 mph.. Large weather systems behave in bizarre ways on Uranus. Uranus must be solar energy because there is no energy source. The sun 900 times weaker on Uranus than in Earth because it is 30 times further from the sun. Uranus has clouds that look like like popcorn at Uranus’s pole. We might see Vortex. The scalloped band may indicate atmospheric instability or wind shear. Also be sure to bring food, water, and oxygen. Have fun on Uranus and be sure you bring this stuff so you can survive on the planet Uranus!

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