How can one person change the world

Ruby bridges was a important part in the civil rights movement. she was courageous,thoughtful,and she had leadership. she was courageous because she went to a school that did not want her. she had leadership by standing up for what was right. I am going to tell you what all three qualities mean.

Ruby bridges was courageous because when she went to school the people was calling her names. When she attended school she was the only African American student there. when she was walking up the door steps when a women threatened to poison her.

She had leadership because the day of November 14,1960 when she walked into a american school. Toward the end of the year the crowds began to thin and by the end of the year the school got several more black students. That is one reason she had leadership.

She was thoughtful because the people would call her names and she would pray for those people. She showed the world that African-Americans was just as good as white people. She helped the African-Americans students get into a white school. Ruby Bridges said "Each and every one of us is born with a clean heart."

Ruby Bridges was born September 8,1954. Ruby was only 6 when she went to school at Frantz Elementary School. Her youngest brother Malcolm was assassinated in a drug-relegated in 1993. Before she moved to New Orleans she lived in Tyler town Mississippi.

As you can see Ruby Bridges was courageous, thoughtful, and she had leadership. Ruby had confidence in herself to be brave and stand up for what people thought about her. She made history by going to school. Over the years Frantz had became an all African-American school.

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