Shelby's Music Memory List

W. C. Handy

This is my vision of st.louis Blues using doodle buddie

William Christopher Handy was born in 1875 and grew up in a log cabin with his mother and father in Alabama. His dad was a minister and were very poor. William was a good student and enjoyed school. William played in a band and sang in a quartet. William was hopeful and was working very many jobs. He eventually found himself homeless and hungry. One day, He was walking by a salon and heard a man singing to music from a guitar, he asked if he could show the singer what he can do. The crowd loved his music and and someone took up for him and gave him a lot of money to buy new clothes.

At one of W.C Handy’s concert he saw his father and he heard his father say “ that’s my son”. Handy knew that his father had forgiven him. Handy was 40 and is growing a family. He had to write a song and publish it. So Handy packed a bag without telling his wife Elizabeth. He went to rent a room with a piano and started to write. He was inspired by the singing, laughing, and shouting outside his door. The sounds reminded him of his earlier life. And he made a song called “St. Louis blues”. He is known a the king of the blues because of his music. He is the only one to take the time and write it all down. Some people made a movie about W.C Handy’s life he

was too ill to attend the movie theater so they brought the movie to him. W.C Handy died in 1958.

I’m not that kind of person i don’t like that kind of music. I’m not saying it is bad it is just not my type of music. My type of music is my generation 2015 music.

Carl Orff

  • Born inGermany
  • Opened a school for music education
  • Wrote carmina burana
  • Wrote in the modern
  • The school got shut down and bombed in world war
  • Carl orff died in 1982
  • He was 87 when he died

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