LEGACY PROJECT.                                I portray my self as a good and bad kid. Some times I stay outta trouble and hangout with good kids who make good choices. But I used to hangout with bad kids and get in trouble with the cops (get kicked outta places.) I recently started to play rep hockey and working out to stay outta trouble and to get in shape. I also started to run and go to boot camp with my hockey team. I have not gotten in trouble in 1 and a half months.

I would like to be smarter and more active and to get better at some sports. I would also like to be taller and be better art.

Some people see me as a bad kid and some see me as a good funny kid. Kids look at me as a bad kid because I hang out with older people and get in trouble a lot. Kids also see me as a funny kid because I tell jokes and be nice.

If I had a digital footprint I would like to be funny.

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