The New Colossus

By. Emma Lazarus

The central idea of the poem "the new colossus" is stating that there tell you a deep description of the statue such examples are line 5 in the poem. Where it describes her face and here light in her hand. The theme is just simple the statue of liberty.

The vocabulary in this text is to word exile and yearning. Yearning- Painfully wanting something. Exile- People who are forced to live in another country. Types of figurative language include personification like in line 7 where they say she stomps and is screaming. And also simile when they say like in line 1.

The author's purpose of this poem was that the statue of liberty is a very important and beautiful part of are american history and it also means so much more to other people such as immigrant from the early 1900's. The poem has a lot of textual evidence supports this such as all of stanza 2 and line 9.

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