Email Etiquette

Taylor Jenkins

* Mind your manners- you need to be nice when you are sending an email.

* Don’t write in all CAPS - the person that you are sending the email to may think you are shouting at them.

* Use appropriate symbols to show emotion- That way you can show if you are mad or sad. =) ;} :'[

* Start the email with a greeting - You can tell the person Hi or hello.

* Answer to the email ASAP- If you don’t respond to the email the person that sent it may think that you are mad at them. Plus its rude.

* Don’t forward chain letters- Chains can be annoying and almost all the time pointless.

*Use appropriate language- no ones wants to be called names or read that kind of language

*Be concise to the point- No one wants to read a long email. The text can be discouraging to read.

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