The Story of a Fish

By: Jordyn Livesay

ChApTeR 1: Broadway Fish

          Once upon a time there lived a little fishy named Bob. All Bob wanted to do was swim with the other fish. That was impossible! Bob only has one fin. It got chopped on a piece of seaweed kelp, and there was no fish doctor down in the sea to help Bob.

          Bob sat down in his cove eating a some 'salty' ocean water French fries and watched Channel 56 News. As he was eating his fries, he thought of something. 'Why can't I fart?' Bob knew the answer. It was because the fish in Fishlandia didn't want people knowing there was a village down there since if he farted, there would be bubbles coming up. While Bob was enjoying his food he kept thinking of ways to become a successful broadway dancer.

ChApTeR 2: Wishes Do Come True

             I'm a little fishy. I like pie. I don't like broadway. Wait yes I do!!!! I'm a broadway fish!!! I'm a staaaaar.

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