Intellectual Property Lawyers

An Intellectual property lawyer, also know as an IP lawyer, is a person that studies Intellectual property law. Shocking, Right? This is a steadily rising emphasis for young attorneys fresh from law school, as technology advances, giant companies such as Apple are currently facing off other companies for copy-right infringement and whatnot.

Intellectual property law itself protects creative works such as inventions and/or pieces of artwork from being pirated.  There are 4 basic categories of IP, copy-right, patents, trade-mark, and Trade secrets. Copyright protects original works of the creator, patents protect inventions, Trademark protects distinguished symbols such as logos, and trade secrets protect confidential secrets of a business.

The job of an IP lawyer is too counsel clients on establishing and/or protecting intellectual property. Attorneys are normally responsible for other tedious paper-work, such as reviewing company policies, preparing patent and licensing documents, and contracts/agreements if necessary. Firms generally are proficient in all intellectual property matters, such as the basic four, franchising, distribution, et cetera.

The salary of an IP lawyer fluctuates, with a low of 110,000, a median of 140,000, and a high of 170,000. The salary ties in with supply and demand. Recently, there has been a 50% decrease in the amount of IP lawyers, as several student enrollments are dropping.

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