Tanner Ruble

Here i am

I was born in Dubuque Iowa on May 4th 1998

I have blue eyes

I have blonde hair  

I'm 16

My hobbies are making money

About me


Shoes, phone, videogames


work, phone, equal rights

sad, happy, mad

heights, dyeing

spelling bee

college, live long, graduate high school



My People

Heres a picture of me and my brothers

And then a picture of my mom

And then a picture of me and someone i think of as a brother

And then a picture of me and my first God son

My puppy Axel

My Heritage

All Rubles first name start with a T

Ruble means Currency

Ans-esters are from Norway  

My Name

Tanner - A person whose occupant it is to tan hides.

My parents chose my name because they wanted to stick with a T and thought it was cute.

I don't think it really fits me i don't tan hides. Yeah i think it fits me well i only had one name my whole life so i got use to it and i would keep this name.

Who i am

I see my self as a very loyal person who has a kind heart.

My values are that i can talk to just about anyone I can talk to strangers like i knew them forever.

It depends on the situation

My weaknesses are falling into negative situations

My motto is YOLO

Favorite things

My favorite type of music would be drill music.

Working at Arbys is my passion

Favorite movie is "Paid In Full"

I like to watch football

Favorite food would be cheesy hash browns

Favorite animal would be A monkey


Knowing how to get out of negative situations.

At 25 i should have a family and a big house not in Iowa i was to move up north when i graduate from High school i'm going to go to college to be a welder.

Steps to change

Use my head more while making decisions learn from my mistakes.


My life has been decent to this point. I lost my Father in 5th grade that had a huge effect on me. I have 2 felonies at the age of 16 for attempted delivery of a controlled substance. SO that messed my life up felonies wont get erased when i turn 18 so i'm never going to be able to vote or join the army other than that life has been decent.


Identity is what tells your life. Everyone needs one in my opinion you wont be complete with out one. Like Misha he wasn't complete without one he didn't know who he was and when Uri gave him his name he was happier. And he seemed more happier in general.

It affects you in alot of ways. If you don't know your identity how do you even know yourself? And how will other people know you they would have to call you stranger or something and that wouldn't be fun. And its just nice to know that you have a name and a family that cares about you. I bet its a terrible feeling to have no one or an identity like the people who lose all there memory.

They cant put one religion with the other. They need to be separated and I don't mean they need to be judged for what they believe in i just think they should be separated like they are right now. And we need to know who one another are like for a job if you have no identity how are they going to hire you they wouldn't be able to so you would have no money your whole life or until you got an identity. It just helps everyone in general to know your identity.  

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2 years ago

I know you don't tan hides but I think your name is pretty cool. Thanks for taking time to work on this:)