Dining in China

Sam Swanson, Angelina Lee, I-Pad 5, 4/23/14

In china you use chopsticks to eat and cut your food.  Also you should never use your chopsticks for more than one meal when your finished you throw away your chopsticks. You never refill your glass your neighbor should and, you fill up theirs.  Another thing is in informal restaurants you may be required to share a table.  Also when your at a restaurant you are not allowed to tip the waiter/waitress it is illegal, and you summon waiters/waitresses by making eye contact.  

This is a Map of china and where its located!
This is a picture of chopsticks that you might use when you dine in china!
This is what a reasturant in china looks like.

We found suprising that it is illegal to tip your waitress in china.  Also its much more different than the united states because in the U.S. you tip your waiter but its illegal in china, and in the U.S. even at improper resturants you dont have to sit with other people, but in china you might have to. It is important to know the etiquette rules before you visit there so you dont look weird or get thrown out of a resturant.

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