To Kill a Mockingbird Modern Lessons

Many lessons are evident throughout To Kill a Mockingbird. These lessons include prejudices that individuals and society holds, hypocrisy and growing up to understand how the world works. As you look at this handout, think about what experiences you've encountered that deal with prejudice, hypocrisy and coming of age.

To Kill a Mockingbird is a coming of age story for two of the characters involved: Jem and Scout. Both mature dramatically throughout the story but they are effected by different events. As you think back to the novel, find one example of a lesson that Scout OR Jem learn. You must post your response in the Padlet below. (There is an example in the padlet)

Jem's Coming of Age

For Jem, the trial is terrible and a jolt to who he is as a person. In many ways, because of the trial he stops being a boy. He learns that the town is actually bad because they convict Tom Robinson--who is obviously innocent. Think about a time when you learned about an event that made you realize that the world isn't such a great place and that people aren't always kind to one another.

Read Chapter 22 of To Kill a Mockingbird. After you have read Chapter 22, write a response in your blog to the following question:

Write about a time (or create a fictional story) in which someone failed to do the right thing. What were their reasons for not doing the right thing? What were the consequences of their actions?

Your response must be at least 8 sentences.

Read the first page of chapter 23. After reading the first page, submit a response to the poll below.