My Favorite Class

My favorite class is English just because it's always been easy to me. To me English is the most important class because you'll always use the information in life no matter what you do. We all need to be able to comprehend what people are saying and we need to be able to communicate back... Properly.

My Favorite Food

It's really hard for me to decide on my favorite anything but especially my favorite food. I LOVE food so much. I try all different kinds and can't to go to other countries to taste foods that different cultures create. But I would have to say my favorite food is pasta. All different kinds.

My Favorite Book

The Glass Castle is one of my favorite books. I like books that I can relate to my life and I truly love that story. Plus it's really funny.

My Favorite Band

SUBLIME. I love Sublime. Hands down best band ever. I'm so disappointed that the lead singer died before I was born. Even though they have a new lead singer now, I would've loved to have seen the original band live.

My Favorite Movie

I can't really think of my actual favorite movie right now soooo

Finding Nemo is great. Ya gotta love Dory.

My Hobbies

I don't really have an interesting life. In my spare time I love going on road trips. I hate living here and getting away sometimes is really great. Some activities I enjoy are fishing, drawing, visiting landmarks, and singing along with my friend while he plays guitar. I'm hoping I'll be able to learn to play guitar soon.

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