Audio Broadcasting

Session 1

What i learned about in session 1 was about all the waves in each sound and how through create sound and how they create sounds. i also learned that how many sound waves their could be in a sound.

                                                                     Session 2

In session two i learned about how the people use microphones on  the news and other things that uses them that are important. Also they explain how to start a newspaper or broadcast the news.

session 3

In session three i learned about how the news control everything the tell on TV. Also tell the newspaper of the stories of crimes and how they spend time getting clues together to get one big good story

                                                                  session 4

In session four i learned about how sound help from the things around you. also why is it important that we have sound in life. also the meaning of sound and what can cause sounds.

                                                                Session 5

in session 5 i learned about the different kinds of sound and how far can sound travel.also i learned about how to make your own audio broadcast sounds. also on making and changing your tone.

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