By Kiu Yan Leung Y10A

The Third Battle of Ypres -
Another DISASTER by Douglas Haig!!!

* The battle took place between July and November, 1917
* Intended as Sir Douglas Haig's Allied forces breakthrough in Flanders
* Haig was convinced that the German morale was low and made plans for a major offensive to obtain the necessary breakthrough
* The aim was a breakthrough to the coast of Belgium so that German submarine pens could be destroyed
* It was an attempt to break through Flanders
* Intended to push across the Gheluvelt Plateau, take the village of Passchendaele, and then break through to open country
*During the battle, continuous heavy showers turned the scarred landscape into mud, which is why the battle was nicknamed the "Battle of Mud"
* It was a disaster because Haig had poor leadership, planning and unsuccessful tactics, which caused casualties to be high and territorial gains to be low
* I think it was fully Douglas Haig's fault, as he was responsible for the failed offensives, as well as leading Gough and Plumer's armies in a bad direction

Map Showing how Effective the Allied Attack was

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