Table of Contents
1.  Introduction
2.  Not all Motorcycles are Safe
3.  Kinds of Motorcycles
4.  How to Buy a Good Motorcycle


You know that if you are in a lite motorcycle and you are in high speed you feel like you are flying.  That is because the wind is getting you up but the maximun high is one centimeter.

Chapter 1

Not All Motorcycles are Safe

Not all motorcycles can go at high speed but not all are safe.   If you have a Honda and you are more than 200 Kilometer per hour the handle is going to start to shake and if you are not to strong you are going fall .

Speed and motorcross are both danger.  In both you can die.  Depending on the competition you pick the speed of the motorcycle.  fast motorcycles are som times use to chasing people.

Now you know that not all motorcycles are safe.

Chapter 2
Kinds of Motorcycles

there are a lot of kinds of motorcycles.  the  first one is the Ducati and this is a type of speed motorcycle.  They have two jobs:  chase people and the other one is competition of speed.

The second type is KTM which are for both speed and motorcross and both are very good.

This certain is Yamaha which has a lot of  things but we are talking about motorcycles.  But Yamaha is better on speed.

Now you know a lot about four kinds of motorcycles.

chapter 3

First you pick your favorite type of motorcycle.when you pick the type go to the store of the kind you pick end you chose the type speed or motocros for example you pick speed when you picet you ask somewone that worcks there hey y need a speed motorcycle end he or she is going to say y need to now how much you mesure end when you now how much you mesure and you buy the motorcycle.


lite    means a thing that is not heavy

speed means a thing that is fast or slow

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