Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Sebastian Gonzalez for a role in your police logistics department. Sebastian has expressed a great deal of passion for both police work and data management in the past, and shown an incredible work ethic as well. I am convinced he would be a perfect fit in your workplace environment.

Academically and socially, Sebastian is very skilled. He maintains high grades while also being very involved I'm extracurricular activities such as Mariachi. I've personally seen him in the classroom and his abilities are very impressive. I am on the school's principal's advisory council, and his name has come up of the shortlist of those selected to serve any empty spots. While his talents are sadly not able to be outletted there, they would be just as well used within your office place.

I hope you take this letter into consideration during your deciding process, and I hope even more that you choose Sebastian to fill your role.

Cover Letter

Moleko, Ezra KM

99999 Rattler Point Drive

El Paso, Tx, 79938


Last, First, MI, McDonald's Manager

1598 George Dieter Dr

El Paso, Tx, 79938

Dear First, Last, MI

I believe that I am highly qualified for a position within your location at George Dieter, whether in front at the register or behind at the grill.

I have always been fond of customer service as an industry, whether in a cashier or a server position. I have some experience in serving especially, helping wait tables at my church dinners. I also worked as a children's caretaker at my church for 3 years.

I'd like to thank you for your time and consideration, and look forward to hearing from you soon

Best regards,

Ezra Moleko


Ezra Moleko

99999 Rattler Point Drive



Objective: To utilize and expand my skill set in a manner which benefits as many parties as possible.


El Dorado Ninth Grade Academy 2014-present

Sir Frederick Banting Secondary 2013-2014

London Christian Academy 2011-2013

Westdale Public School 2008-2011

Stoneybrook Public School 2004-2008


Children's caretaker- Open Door Christian Fellowship- 2012-2015

Skills: Problem-Solving, Conflict Resolution, Social media presence, following instructions, work ethic.


Every year, the news seems to imply that we experience a deficit of good people. This is a trend that should alarm us, as good people are absolutely necessary in society, through their role in the workplace, and their charitable natures.

In the modern day, the workplace is often a high-stress environment; a boiling pot of personal dramas, deadlines, and office politics. This type of negative environment can often limit productivity and overall hurt the business. This is why good, morale-raising people are needed here. Every office or workplace needs the person who will ask everybody how their day was, and the person who will invite someone to dinner if they seem to be extra down that day. That good person, is to serve as a counterbalance to all of the negative emotions experienced in the office. Overall, they benefit the company by increasing morale/productivity, and the employees by providing a safer, more welcoming psychological environment.

In addition, good people are also generally know for having a charitable nature, often expressed through actual charity work. In every society, there is a certainty of poverty at some level, especially if you believe the words of Jesus in Mark 14:7. However, this does not excuse the need for us to do our best to help the disadvantaged. Good people exemplify this responsibility best, by selflessly devoting their time and money to the aide of others. This can, in a best case scenario, lead to a person actually making it out of poverty, and making another person who will be good enough to help the poor themselves.

The only reason I could truly see why people say we don’t need good people in society is that “Good” is a bit of an ambiguous term. Some people associate it with a certain religious principal, some people associate it with specific actions. While this is all true, it does not actually eliminate the concept of good, as some may be lead to believe. It just means different things to different people, but they can and should all practice whatever they believe good is at all times. I personally subscribe to what the bible describes as good, specifically the ten commandments. Someone else may believe in the Qur’an’s view of good, and that’s fine. As long as they are also practicing something good.


So in conclusion, try to be a good person, especially if you don’t see any around you. Improve your workplace atmosphere, do charitable work, spend time with your family, and just be selfless overall. Even though it may seem fruitless at time, rest assured you are needed and appreciated.

Job application (makeshift)

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