Four Undeniable Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

The idea of travelling abroad will definitely create a wave of excitement in your heart. It may be two-day business trip or a long vacation away from everyday life; the prospect of taking a journey overseas, to foreign land, is definitely amazing.

In the fury of excitement you will book travel tickets, baggage, passports and vital documents in order, before the big day to catch a flight arrives. However, what will you do if any of the planned things don’t go as per the plan?

Flights and travel plans can get cancelled due to several reasons. As a result you may end up losing money on the planned travel itinerary. To minimize the impact of financial losses caused due to such unexpected happenings, several insurance companies sell travel insurance policies online. This policy secures the journeys of thousands of flyers and tourists around the world. If you are reluctant to purchase one, then here are a few reasons that will compel you to buy one before travelling.

1> Loss of Luggage

    Due to hassles in management of luggage, there are cases where travellers lose luggage. If you happen to lose luggage at airport, then do not panic. Through travel insurance plan you will be able to avail reimbursement for purchasing essential items. Moreover, this policy will also reimburse adequately for the lost goods and belongings.

2> Flight Delay or Cancellation

Weather conditions play a key role in cancellation of flights. Additionally, political instability in certain regions or aircraft repairs or detours also contributes to extended delays. During delay of flights, you will be forced to book a hotel room near the airport, or stay at airport itself. Food and accommodation charges incurred during this unplanned stay are covered by travel plan.

3> Accidental Hospitalization and Medical Expenses

Whether you are enjoying a lavish vacation or a part of business meeting, health issues often come unannounced. Medical care as easily available in India might not be easily available overseas. Moreover, your current health insurance policy may not cover the medical expenses abroad. Thus, you need additional health cover through a travel plan for such uncalled medical expenses.

4> Trip Cancellation or Change in Plans

What will you do if the planned trip gets cancelled due to family emergency or any other problem? What if you had to leave your destination before the planned departure? All these circumstances call for unnecessary spending over travel. These spending are covered by travel plan.