The Black Hole
Alex Villasenor

A black hole is a place where gravity is so strong that even light can’t escape. The gravity is so strong because so much matter is being squeezed into a little .Space.

.This may happen when a star big enough is dying. Because light can’t escape we can’t see black holes. Space telescopes with special gadgets help us see black holes,
since we can’t see black holes because light can’t escape we see what stars are
doing in that area.

holes can be any size small medium big and ginormous. Scientist now believe
that black holes can be as small as one atom, but they have a mass of a large mountain.

Another type of black hole is stellar black
hole .these are made when the Center of a really big star claps on itself, when
this happens it causes a super-nova. A supernova is an exploding star into space and even truly causes a black hole, These black holes have the mass of twenty times the suns mass .scientist
now believe that there are thousands, of
stellar mass black holes in the milky way.

This black hole is pulling this star inside

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