GOOD ADVICE in ways you never think of

a; always be happy

b; be different

c; cause world peace

d; don't be mean

e; enlighten someone

f; find a friend

g; get a tan

h; hope, always keep it in you heart

i; imagine the world in a whole different way

j; just look good doing it

k; keep peace in the world

l; love the world

m; moms mean well

n; new things are sometimes good

o; open your eyes  

p; peace in the world

q; question the world

r; roar as loud as you can

s; sing into the lord

t; try to fix your mastakes

u; use your words for good

v; vets are very helpful

w; want to do good

x; X-rays are for good

y; yell as loud as you can

z; Zebras are black and white