Relationships of China and the Soviets

By David K, Morgan W, Reid Z

Moscow and Beijing Growing Closer

During the Cold War Beijing and Moscow grew very close because they had the common enemy of the United States of America. Moscow and Beijing worked together to keep communism spread throughout Asia

Fraternal Cooperation

The Chinese- Soviet partnership matured in 1950. Begin recognized Moscow's undisputed authority's communism so that they could gain Russian military and economic aid.  While everything seemed to be going great the Soviet tendency to lecture the Chinese caused major tensions.

Cracks in the Alliance

The Chinese soon thought that the Soviet aid programs were too modest and there were too many strings attached.

Soon the Kremlin persuaded Mao Zedong to sign the treaty of Friendship, the recalled the "unequal treaty" that was put into place in the 19th century. This document also provided them with the Soviet Union with naval privileges in Port Authur.

In the end the Soviets were not providing as much economic support to China as other communist places (Egypt, India, and Siberia) were.

By the end of 1964 the rift between the Soviet Union and the Peoples Republic in China became embarrassingly public.

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