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You need to stand up for yourself and speak up!

The quote I chose was "thou shalt not be a bystander, thou shalt not be an oppressor, but most of all, thou shalt not be a bystander. The message of this quote means that being a victim of the holocaust is bad but if you do nothing about it that's worse.

Take the book "The Wave" for example.

The wave is a book where a group of high schoolers unknowingly follow the rules of the nazi's. "You're just sitting there watching this happen, it's insane!" (pg 73) they are both coming back to the fact that being a bystander and not doing anything about the subject is terrible.

Also take Madame Harknes' story, her mom would lead Jews out of axis areas

In one of her story's she talks about a conversation with her mother who said that they cannot just sit there and do nothing, while not for badum it is sufficient evidence. It goes back to how doing nothing in that state of emergency would be terrible and it shouldn't happen.

take the book the terrible things. An un-personification of discrimination

It's a story about animals in the forest and some of them being taken away. "We do not have feathers, we shouldn't be taken away." The entire theme of this children's book is that you have to be aware about what the terrible things are doing is bad, besides the terrible things another antagonist in the book is the bunny's. They don't care and they just let the other animals get taken.

the message of this quote means that being a victim of the holocaust is bad, but if you just do nothing about it, that's worse. We can learn that If you know something is wrong then you're supporting it by not doing anything to stop it.

If something's wrong and you know its wrong, you need to stop it!

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