First Entry!

- I chose to do a 3D model of a hand and I'm going to make it move as I do movements.

- I chose this because I love this kind of stuff with electronic components.

-I would like to learn how to program something to move when I do simple movements.

- I would love to do this as a job biomedical engineering.

Second Entry

I learned that I need to find a website to use for the modeling.

Third Entry

I used information from the news and youtube to find out how I was going to use it.

Fourth Entry

Today I chose to use 123d design as my program.

Fifth Entry

I'm starting my individual fingers today.

Sixth Entry

I'm curving the tips this term is called filleting.

Seventh Entry

I'm done with planning my model I'm going to be done soon.

Eighth Entry

I'm going to wire my had once its done printing.

Tech Stuff part 1

I found out what my joints look like.

Tech stuff part 2

Today I'm starting to finish my design.

Eleventh Entry

Its printing now but what happened was that it was not stable so it fell.

Twelfth Entry

We made it print on its side so it didn't fall it went well.

Thirteenth Entry

Today I sanded my model down and hammered a nail through it to make a larger hole.

Fourteenth Entry

Today I started to investigate with things i tried fishing string it did okay but it was moving to rapidly.

Fifteenth Entry

Today I did research on knuckles to support my finger.

Sixteenth Entry

I found springs that might work as holding them in place.

Seventeenth Entry

today I found out I needed to hold it in place on the finger.

Eighteenth Entry

Today I found out that I am using solder to hold it.

Final Entry

My project didn't finish to my liking but we just ran out of  time I'm going to finish it in the summer though.

I learned a new program and how to 3D print this is a great chance t evolve my skill.

My dream job is to be a biomedical engineer so yes that is what i want to do.

I liked to choose this because this is like I said good practice

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