Civilian Space Travel

By: Olivia Hurt

As a rocket goes into space, anything can happen. Should ordinary civilians be able to travel to space or should it be left for the experts? I think that ordinary civilians should not be able to travel to space because it is dangerous, expensive, and it takes a lot of hard work and training.

One reason I think that ordinary people shouldn't go to space is that it is dangerous. If something goes wrong in space, some people might not know what to do. It also has many risks and you don't know where and when they will occur during the journey. It is also dangerous because someone might not know anything about space or traveling to space. You could get seriously hurt or even die if something goes wrong and you don't expect it.

I also think that regular civilians should not go into space because it is really expensive. Why would, for example, NASA waste time, energy, and money to send people that will do nothing but walk around space when they could send professionals to be productive and not waste time? Going to space requires a person to pay a lot just to take a short trip into space.

The last reason I think civilians shouldn't go into space is that it takes a lot of hardwork, training, and experience. Even though it might be fun, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you would need to know what you are doing. Training to travel to space would take a lot of time and effort and you would have to be up for the challenge.

If an ordinary, everyday civilian went into space, it would be dangerous, expensive, and require a lot of hard work and tears of training. Now that you are aware of the risks and priorities of going to space, would you really want to?

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