By Lindsey Young
Core 1

Writing about Meditation

One of the Activity's we did was doing mantra. That is when you breath in your nose and out your mouth and say Aum. We did the sleep meditation he told us a story about this path and we grew are three favorite things and they turned into flowers. Then we threw are three bad things into the lake and the water rippled out.He taught us the 5 main steps of Meditation.
Before we started the meditation I didn't really think it would do anything but it really did help me a lot. During the actives I felt reveled and all of my stress went away during that time. I was very calm and tired.Yes, Because It made me feel really good and made me very reveled. I would love to do this again at home when I get the time to do this.I really enjoyed this activity.

Meditation- Something quite, reveling and slow steady music.

Mantra- Sounds that you repeat.

Deep Breathing- In your noes out your Mouth. Repeat.

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