Cristopher Perez

  My first thoughts when I arrived on campus was that I thought that it was going to be sunny and we were going to take a tour. The part I enjoyed the most was the science show because they showed us a lot of really cool things. The part I enjoyrd the least was when the presenters were talking so we had to sit still and all squished together. My suggestions for next years tour are that we pick a day that is not going to rain. Another suggestion is that the presenters should be walking around and should leave some space so they can walk. My final suggestion is that the students should not it on the floor to eat lunch they should be able to sit in the seats. Yes, I do consider on applying to UTA because they have a lot of major's to choose from. And also the campus is very big and they also have places were you can sleep or you can sleep (live) at home. UTA also has a really cool mascot.It was really cool to go back to UTA because last time I went it was really cool so I was happy that I got to see UTA agian

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