Seventies and Two Thousands

Cole, Dakota, Troy, Brooke, Allie

Some of the artists of the 70s include Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and The carpenters. Some of the songs are "Isn't she lovely," "Border Song," and "Close to you".

Some of the artists of the 2000's include Backstreet Boys, Brittney Spears, and N-sync. Songs from 2000's are "I want it that way," "Oops I did it again," and "Bye Bye Bye"

In the 70s they wore bell-bottoms, platforms, and had a "disco look" Some major world event happening were the London Bridge being brought to US in 71, and US getting pulled out of Vietnam in 73. President during the 70s was Richard Nixon.

In the 2000s they wore skinny jeans, low rise pants, and jean shorts. Major world events happening was the Vietnam war. President during the 2000s was George W. Bush.

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