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Directions: Create your own avatar by clicking the button below. Save your avatar to your computer and upload it to this Tackk. Then write a short story about what your avatar does on his or her weekend off from school. The story should be at least three paragraphs long.

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Curse of the unlucky socks!

On a nice summer weekend, Bob Armajiti put on some rainbow socks that he got from his Uncle for his birthday. He loved the colour of the socks.

That day, he went to a school fair and first he tossed horse shoes on wooden sticks. On the first shot he knocked out the ringmaster! On the second attempt, he threw it and it hit a pig. On the third attempt he threw it and it hit a car!

Luckily he ran away before he could get fined. At the end of the day, he threw the socks out because he thought it was unlucky. When he put on some new ones, he felt awesome!

The end.

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