PAC/LM Girls Basketball
Ranked #1 in 3a

By: Rose Meyer

PAC/LM Varsity Girls are 7-0

Pocahontas/Laurens Marathon Girls are off to a great start on the season. Coming in pre-season ranked #1 in 3a, the Indian's have faced Humbolt High School, Emmetsburg High School, Manson-Northwest Webster High School, Webster City High School, Newell-Fonda High School, Alta-Aurelia High School, and East Sac County High School. The Girl's goals for the season is to continue to build momentum we created last season, looking to continue to grow as a club, and learn to push themselves to new levels. The team also expects to battle in the conference this season.

Joining the team this season will be four girls from Laurens Marathon, Brooke R., Kenzie S., Rhianna A., and Hannah R.. Coach Maske has commented on the sports sharing with Laurens Marathon saying " I have been really happy with the athletic sharing between PAC and LM. At all level of girls basketball it seems to have increased competition and excited everyone to work harder".

Listen to paragraphThe Indians also hope to pack the stands this season and with their notable home games Jan. 9th & 20th and Feb. 5th & 10th against Newell-Fonda, South Central Calhoun, Saint Edmond, and Manson Northwest Webster. "We appreciate all the support the families, students, and community give us. Please help us by continuing to pack the stands and cheer loud at our games".

Returning Letter Winners

Elle Ruffridge

Faith Meyer

Grace Meyer

Rose Meyer

Autumn Radig

Janie Brinkman

New Prospects

Olivia Ahlers

Ashlyn Weidauer

Jordyn Radig

Addie Duitscher

Danielle Neumann