The Fish Project

Dylan D, Sean O


We chose the red oscar,spotted african leaf fish,fantail goldfish,fancy goldfish,long fin tetra,mickey mouse platy.We chose these fish beacuse they were all peaceful. They also were similar. They all eat the same food, fish flakes. They like fish flakes and heavily planted areas. They wount eat each other. We used a total 19 fish. They all will get along with each other.


We chose the medium tank.the tank is 4.2 gallons.the tank is 36×15×20.the tank is $225. The light is $50. The filter is $70. Were puting 19 fish in the tank. Were puting 5 bags of pebble beach gravel in the tank.we are puting a heater into the tank that is $ 36. Were puting plants in there too. Were puting the blue median with rock base,jungle pod,and green mondo grass. For the decor were puting the tall coral,castle bridge,and the volcano.




Filters -$70



Gravel 5 bags pebble beach-$5.50=$27.50

Blue medium with rock base-$15

jungle pod-$12

Green mondl-$9

Tall coral-$25

Castle bridge -$30


3 red Oscar -$6.99=$20.97

3 spotted african lesf fish-$8.99=$26.97

3 fantail goldfish-$3.39=$10.17

2 fancy goldfish-$32.99=$65.98

3 long fin tetra-$3.99=$11.97

5 mickey mouse platy-$1.00=$5.00

Total -$665.56

Amount left-34.44

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