Southwest Management Group: Commodities

Southwest Management Group offer comprehensive, in-depth research on listed derivatives and their associated underlying markets.

From metals and energy to agricultural commodities, we deliver commodity solutions to meet our client’s requirements. This includes in-depth market knowledge, and competitive pricing, allowing clients to manage their market and credit risk.


We offer access to Financial Markets worldwide for crude oil and oil-refined products, coal, power and gas with extensive capabilities in the emissions markets.

Energy products covered:

    · Natural Gas

    · Oil - Crude, Light Products, Heavy Products, Distillates, Fuel Oil

    · Coal

    · Emissions

    · Electricity

    · Liquefied Natural Gas


Trading and associated risk management solutions in base and precious metals, platinum group metals, steel and plastics.


    · Steel - Rolled Coil, Billet, Iron Ore

    · Precious Metals - Gold, Silver

    · Platinum Group Metals - Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium

    · Base Metals - Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Tin, Lead, Aluminum Alloy

    · Plastics - High-density Polyethelene, Linear low-density Polyethelene, Polyethelene, Low-density Polyethelene, Polyethelene Terephtalate


Financing, hedging and investment products and solutions based on agricultural futures and commodity indices.

Agricultural products covered:

    · Coffee

    · Corn

    · Biofuel

    · Cocoa

    · Sugar

    · Palm Oil

    · Soybeans

    · Wheat

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