Atmosphere-by: Anthony Bolanos

The pressure changes as you go higher or lower.

The gasses in the earth we breath in the most is nitrogen the percentage of nitrogen is 78%, The other gas we breath in is oxygen, The percentage of oxygen is 21% And the other gasses are 1%.

The Green house effect heats up the earth,Its a process by which thermal radiation from a plantary surface is absorbed by atmosperic green house gasses

The troposphere is the first layer and it has weather.Next is the stratosphere and its very stable.The mesosphere it protects us from the meteors and rock fragments,The thermosphere has auroras.

The air pressure is made of many gasses,These gases pres down on earths surface , We are unaware of this pressure

The atmosphere is important because it makes earth livable,it block's some of the suns rays without it we would also keeps the earth warm.

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