Benvolio Act 4

Act 4 : Benvolio, Jungkuk Park, Period 3

Romeo is exiled and Mercutio is dead. How sad is this. I am so worried about Romeo. I wish he is not having any problems. When think of Romeo having hard time outside, I feel more sorrow and regret again and again. O, I had to stop the poor guy from fighting. What did I do while he was fighting? Is he still alive? Is he having enough meals? Is he safe from plagues? What if he is already sick? I cannot erase this kind of thoughts. I think these days are one of the hardest moment in my entire life. I heard that Paris is marrying with young Juliet, who is Capulet. I wish Romeo can attract Rosaline and marry with her. Some times, I think he is loving her so much. I heard he was not staying in the home last night. How can he leave home even it is last night? Why don’t he spend his last hours in Verona with his family? I think he went to see Rosaline and tell her about his love. That is the only possible thing that can be considered as more important thing than staying with his family to Romeo.

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